Patient Information

Our mission is to “provide efficient, efficacious and unparalleled Healthcare Service as well as uphold the highest, professional and ethical standards of practice; and train health and aviation personnel for medical excellence and safety in complex systems and threatening environments.”

We will:

  • Be polite and courteous all of the time
  • Ask what you would like us to call you when we introduce ourselves to you
  • Keep you informed of your Doctor’s plans, times and delays
  • Help you find toilets, drinks facilities and other amenities

We will:

  • Care for you as in individual, based upon the best available knowledge
  • Make sure that you feel involved in treatment and choices, by listening to and respecting your concerns
  • Offer you as much information as you want about your treatment and care and support or assist you in making informed decisions and choices.

We will:

  • Share information about your care with our colleagues only on a need-to-know basis
  • Help you look at our health records if you want to (Doctors)
  • Seek your consent before examining, treating or caring for you

We will:

  • Protect your modesty at all times
  • Ensure that you have privacy (but remember that we need to observe and monitor your condition)
  • Knock on the door before entering if you are in a room and respect your personal space
  • Disturb you as little as possible and ensure that we keep noise to a minimum at night

We will work in partnership with our local health authorities to provide the best possible health care in accessible and appropriate settings.

We will deliver our services in a way which is fair and safe, recognizing the individual needs of our patients and the potential of our staff.

We ask you to value the commitment of our staff to attain this promise.

We would like you to report to the management any staff not acting in line with this promise.

We cannot accept aggressive, abusive or violent behaviour and we will take action against any person acting in this way towards our staff, patients or visitors, please.

Are we keeping ‘Our Promise to you’?

Please speak to us if you have any concerns.

Tel: +234 8033112061; 8054070260; 8037867625

Address: 5, Abba Kyari Close, Ungwan Rimi G.R.A., P.O.Box 3001, Kaduna, Nigeria

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