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Welcome to MENDS Specialist Hospital

Outstanding levels of long-term acute care and a compassionate environment are what you'll find at Mends Specialist Hospital. We have evolved into one of today's leading-edge providers of expert medical treatment for adults with disabling health problems, and are committed to serving the community in a holistic style, tending to each patient's physical, psychological and spiritual needs.
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Unique Resources
Our physician-led teams have full access to the latest technology and state-of-the-art medical equipment, and are supported by a highly-trained nursing staff as well as sub-specialists from renowned teaching hospitals. As registered members of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Patient care, we also have access to a wide range of clinical, administrative and managerial resources, helping us provide efficient and effective solutions to Nigeria’s growing healthcare needs. » read more.

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»  8 March 2007:
Distinguished Merit Award for Excellence in Aviation Medicine & Effective Healthcare by Institute of Industrialist & Corporate Administrators at Kaduna, Nigeria.



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Clinical Hyperbaric Medicine treatment centre (Oxygen Dive Chamber)  » read more.


Family Consultation


Free Health Education from our Professionals. 
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“I am glad I visited this establishment. What has been most visible during the course of my tour is the determination to provide the best healthcare services by the Director, Doctors and staff of the establishment...
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Our Promise To You

We know that being in hospital can be an anxious time and that this makes the way we communicate with you even more important. We have listened to what patients and local people think and are working with our staff to make improvements. We are aiming to deliver ‘our promise to you.’  » read more.

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