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“To be the Leader of first choice in Health, Aviation and Information technology fields among Professionals, Youths and Families.”

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Mends Specialist Hospital & Aviation Medical centre opens 24 hours daily and offers the following Facilities and Services, among others:

1.               Daily general out-patient clinics (24 hours daily)

2.               Accidents and emergencies care services with well equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

3.               Presidential Ward (with separate living room & Jacuzzi Whirlpool bath), Executive VIP & Private Wards, Female General Wards and Male General Wards (total 50 modern beds)

4.               Out-post Industrial Clinics run by experienced Medical Officers/Nursing Sisters

5.               Specialist’s Clinics run by Consultant Physician, Consultant Surgeon, Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, Consultant Paediatrcian, Radiologist and Hyperbaric Physician.

6.               Diagnostic Ultrasound Scans with color Doppler and Echocardiography.

7.               Maternity Wards, full Ante-natal Services wit modern delivery suite

8.               Modern X-ray with Fluoroscopy and all accessories

9.               Modern Computerized Tomography (CT)Scans

10.           Modern Surgical Operating Theaters and Surgical Wards

11.          Clinical Hyperbaric Medicine treatment centre (Oxygen Dive Chamber)

12.           Modern Pediatric Wards with children playroom

13.       Computerized Electrocardiograms (ECGs) and Stress tests (Treadmill & Ergometer) – 6 Protocols including Bruce

14.           Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Services

15.           Well Equipped Pathology Laboratory

16.           Eye Clinics run by Consultants Ophthalmologist

17.           Pharmaceutical Services

18.           Modern Incubator and Phototherapy Services

19.           Modern Mammogram Services (Breast Cancer Screening)

20.           Magnetic Field Therapy and other modern Physiotherapy equipment including remote controlled body massage bed/chair

21.           Dental & Maxillofacial Clinics

22.           Modern Ambulance Services

23.       MENDS TRAINING INSTITUTE (Training for Health, Safety, Human factors and Human Resource Management Skills) as well as Crew Resource Management (CRM) for Pilots and other Aviation Crew

24.          Modern Ventilator services in I.C.U. with Defibrillator support.

25.           Modern Non-Contact Tonometry

26.           MENDS Comprehensive Health Screening & Cardiovascular Risk Assessment Program

27.       Backlite backache Treatment Machine

28.           Aviation Clinics for Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, Engineers and Commercial Space Travelers. (Mends Aviation Medical Centre Kaduna is licensed by the Aviation Authorities of United States of America (FAA), 29 European Countries (JAA) including United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, several African countries & Yugoslavia).

29.       Aeromedical Preflight Assessment with Final Aeromedical Assessment/Decisions, Instruction(s) to Airline or Air Ambulances, Assistance with in-flight patient care/necessary Aeromedical equipment by Dr. M. A. Owolabi, FWACP

30.           Mends Specialist Hospital & Aviation Medical centre is registered fully for the national health Insurance Scheme (NHIS www.nhis.gov.ng) for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary patient care (Registration Nos KD/170/P and KD/129/S)


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