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“To be the Leader of first choice in Health, Aviation and Information technology fields among Professionals, Youths and Families.”

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Mends Training Institute (MTI) Kaduna is accredited by the Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and Nigerian Air Force.

Mends Training Institute (MTI) Kaduna is accredited by the Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and Nigerian Air Force.

MTI conducts training courses in Aviation Medicine, Flight Physiology, Clinical Hyperbaric Medicine Treatments, Crew Resource Management (CRM) and general Human Factors.

Courses Available:

1. Aviation Medicine for Doctors and flying training. (Plus Senior Residents for Sub-Specialty training in Aviation Medicine, West African College of Physicians’ Faculty of Internal Medicine)

2. Hospital Resources Management (Health Professionals)

3. Crew Resource Management (Pilots, Engineers, Cabin Crew, ATCOs)

4. Human Performance and Limitations for Pilots, Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers, Cabin Crew and Aviation support personnel.

5. Flight Physiological Training (Practicals in Hypoxia, Spatial Disorientation, Water Survival and Cabin Decompression effects).

6. Aircraft Hygiene and Aircraft Catering for domestic and international flights.

7. Basic, Certificate and Advanced Diploma courses in Computer Studies (ICT. For Professionals, Youths and families).

8. Air Ambulance Regulations and Medical Guidelines for Air Transportation of Patients. (Fixed & Rotary wing aircraft).

9. Human Factors in Flight, Ground and UAVs operations.

10. Training for Excellence & Safety in any Complex Systems or Threatening Environment.


1. Air Forces, Airlines, Army, Navy, Police, NEMA, Flying Schools, Airports, Aviation Engineering Institutes, CNS/ATM Systems and Space agencies, Aviation Doctors.

2. Pilots, Aircrafts Engineers, Cabin Crew, Air Traffic Controllers, Military Officers and Special Forces Involved in Conventional aircraft and UAVs operations.

3. Aircraft Charter Tour Operators.

4. Hi-tech and safety-sensitive industries including Oil & Gas, Rail/Road Transport, Health Care/Surgical Systems and Automated, Robotic or Emerging Technologies.

5. All organizations who desire Human Capacity Development, Efficiency & Safety in the workplace.

Latest News & Updates

»  8 March 2007:
Distinguished Merit Award for Excellence in Aviation Medicine & Effective Healthcare by Institute of Industrialist & Corporate Administrators at Kaduna, Nigeria.


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